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Make your food truck stand out with our high-quality food truck wraps.

Truck_WrapFood trucks have been growing in popularity and media attention in recent years. Where in the past food trucks have carried a reputation for cheap, fast eats at best and dubious quality at worst, in the past several years food trucks have undergone something of a makeover. Today, food trucks are more likely to carry connotations of fresh, original dishes delivered at affordable prices, and are considered by many to be an excellent launch pad for creative culinary talent. Whether you are starting your own food truck or you want to enlist one to promote your own business, we at King Tutt Graphics have the perfect food truck wraps to help you get the word out.

Our team at King Tutt Graphics specializes in large scale imagery, such as window films, wall murals, and vehicle wraps, including food truck wraps. All of our graphics boast unparalleled resolution and top-notch image quality to help you set your products or services off in the best possible light. Producing such large-scale images takes specialized equipment and experience. If you’ve ever tried to enlarge a digital photo, you know that blowing the image up too much makes it look like a pixelated mess.  Fortunately, we at King Tutt Graphics have the right skills to keep your images looking sharp.

We are proud to serve the Raleigh, North Carolina community, and we want to help you promote your business. If you are looking for high-quality food truck wraps to take your culinary ventures to the next level, give us a call today.

At King Tutt Graphics, we create food truck wraps in the Triangle, Wake County, Johnston County, and the rest of North Carolina, including Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Burlington, Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Morrisville, Clayton and Smithfield, as well as South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland.


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