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Brand recognition is essential for success in any business, and a good logo is key to building that recognition. Our team at King Tutt Graphics have extensive experience in graphic design, and we know all about what makes a logo effective instead of just forgettable. In this article, we’ll go over a few principles of good logo design that our graphic designers want you to know.

principles of good logo design that our graphic designers
  • Keep It Simple. One key to effective logo design is simplicity. The goal is to create a symbol that’s easy to recognize and remember and adding a lot of detail will impede that goal. Think about the most widely recognized logos, such as the Nike swoop or the Target bullseye–they are so simple that a child could draw them, which makes them great for brand recognition.
  • View It From All Angles. Another key step in the logo design process is to look at your design from many different angles. While it may look great on your computer screen, your logo will ultimately be used in a wide variety of contexts, so it’s important to make sure it looks great from every direction. We at King Tutt Graphics recommend flipping your logo upside down, turning it from horizontal to vertical, and inverting the negative and positive space to check that your design has maximum flexibility.
  • Make Sure It Works In Black and White. Lastly, while color plays an important role in defining your brand’s look, effective logo designs need to work in monochrome, too. This is another reason why it’s important to keep your design simple, as complicated images are more difficult to render in black and white. Fortunately, our team here at King Tutt Graphics is here to help you with all your logo design needs, and we have the right experience to create logos that look great in any context.