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Open sight lines and open spaces are both huge designer features that are hot right now with no signs of stopping. When you have a lot of natural light pouring in from several windows into one larger area, the space often feels larger and even more pleasant. While lots of windows might be a hot design choice, sometimes it can turn into a literally hot design choice! Several windows in one open space can heat up your home or office space and make it feel like an oven, but here at King Tutt Graphics, we have a way to counteract these heating effects: solar window films.

solar window films are just one way that you can use window films to your advantage

While you might be aware that window films are available for cars to make the glass a little darker, many people are surprised to find out that window films are not only available for properties, but that they are available in a wide variety of styles and types, solar window films being just one of them! Solar window films are great at ensuring that damaging UV rays don’t seep through to the inside of your property through the windows and cause all of your furniture to fade and be bleached by the sun. Additionally, solar window films are just one way that you can use window films to your advantage, since they can reflect a lot of the heat that comes along with sunshine. This is especially helpful for those windows that get a lot of direct sunlight during the day.

At King Tutt Graphics, we love helping people use our products to not only do advertising and protective work, but we particularly enjoy solar window film for our customers to make them more comfortable during the day. Please contact us to learn more about solar window film today.