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Think of the glass that surrounds you in your daily life. It may be the windows of your home, a glass exterior door, car windows, or your glass-enclosed office at work. Now imagine a scenario where that glass becomes a liability: an earthquake, hurricane, active shooter, or burglar. In each of these scenarios, the glass surrounding you could cause more harm than good when it is so easily shattered. Now imagine those same situations but with glass that would not break on the first, second, or even third attempt. Glass that has been made strong and is able to withstand heavy battering. Glass that can give you enough time to protect yourself and those around you. This is more than just wishful thinking—this is the new reality with the cutting-edge technology of safety films that can be applied to glass windows and doors anywhere.

new reality with the cutting-edge technology of safety films

Safety films are polyester films that act as a bond to hold the glass together if it is shattered. They can be applied to any type of glass, though their effectiveness may vary depending on the glass type. For example, watch this video of a demonstration of the difference between trying to break a glass door with and without safety films applied. In the first section, where the door breaks easily, the glass is tempered. In the second section, the glass is laminated with two safety films applied. The results may not have been the same in the second part if it had been tempered glass, although the safety films definitely still would have made a difference.

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