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At King Tutt Graphics, not only do we customize and create vehicle wraps and decals, but we also help businesses create effective signs to advertise what they offer. Signs are a highly impactful, economical form of advertising as long as certain design principles are followed. These design principles are simple and include the following:

Leave Your Mark with Effective Business Signs

  • Visible, legible graphics and wording—While this may seem obvious, your signs won’t be effective unless people can read them and see the information on them. You should also keep your messaging short, so people can read it at a glance and view it easily from many distances.
  • Skip the clutter—The most successful signs communicate their messaging concisely. Determine what you want your target audience to know, and then focus your signs on that alone. Refrain from adding too much information or too many graphics to ensure your signs are easy to read and look at.
  • Pick the right background colors – The text and images on your signs should contrast with their background to make them pop. For instance, black wording contrasts well with light colors and white complements colors with a dark value.
  • Add a border – Borders can increase how quickly people are able to read your signs because they help viewers focus in on the message. You can also draw people’s eyes to your main message using logos, artwork, and other types of graphical elements.

Get started designing signs for your business or event today by giving us a call! We can’t wait to get started.