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Here at King Tutt Graphics, we have all sorts of experience and know-how when it comes to the application of quality vinyl wraps. We use these in all demographics and areas of life, which has led us to a fun game that we play occasionally while we are out and about simply known to ourselves as “Can you wrap it?” Because vinyl wraps are so versatile, there are all sorts of areas where they can be used, even if you hadn’t thought of them that way before! Here are a few examples:

  • Vehicles- Yes, most of us know that you can have your vehicle wrapped with vinyl. There are delivery cars and fleet vehicles everywhere that prove this to us daily while sitting in traffic. However, wrapping your vehicle isn’t where vehicle wraps end! We have clear coating wraps that can be used to protect the paint job of your classic car. We have ways where we can wrap trains, planes and other automobiles as well.

most of us know that you can have your vehicle wrapped with vinyl

  • Coffins- A funeral doesn’t have to be a somber, all-black event. Coffin wraps can be done in virtually any style, color, and with any type of personalization, including family albums. Coffin wraps are becoming a great way to personalize your final resting place and show the world your delightful personality instead of a neutral boxy resting place.
  • Properties- From tiny snow cone stands to food trucks to homes and businesses, there is a type of wrap for all these areas that can work to advertise or simply keep out the harsh UV rays in a sun-facing window.