Boat Wraps vs. Paint: Which is the Better Choice?

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Painting a boat is the traditional way of finishing a boat hull, but boat wraps are a new way you should consider to finish your boat. Boat wraps come with a lot of benefits and can really make your boat look unique. Here are some of the advantages to using a boat wrap on your boat.

Boat Wraps vs. Paint: Which is the Better Choice?

  1. Cost Effective. If you are looking to update your boat, a boat wrap is the least expensive option. Boat wraps cost about a third of what boat painting would cost. The lower cost is a big reason why people decide to use boat wraps instead of painting. This is especially appealing if you own a boating business and have multiple boats that need updating.
  2. Design Possibilities Are Endless. There really is no limit to the design options boat wraps have to offer. You can put your favorite picture, text, logo, and pretty much anything else you can think of on your boat with a boat wrap. Boat wraps are also nice because you know exactly what the boat is going to look like before wrapping it.
  3. Durability. Boat wraps are vinyl and are very durable. Boat paint is durable as well, but if the paint were to get scratched or dented, the repairs would not be easy, and it would be more expensive to fix. Vinyl boat wraps can be repaired same-day and are really simple. Vinyl also offers better protection against the elements and lasts about the same time frame as boat paint.

Though paint is the traditional way to finish a boat, boat wraps are a great option with amazing benefits. If you have a boat that needs to be updated, give us a call at King Tutt Graphics and we will help you design the perfect boat wrap for your boat.