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Large-format printing can be a big boost for a small business. Small businesses usually don’t have as much money to spend on advertising as opposed to chains and larger businesses. One of the smartest things you can do is to make your marketing funds work effectively for you by choosing large-format printing products to help promote your business. Here are five ways large-format printing can help you grow your business:

  1. Design some eye-catching window clings. Window clings are awesome because they can be viewed from the interior and exterior of your store. Use images, colors, and large fonts that will catch the attention of passing traffic. You might be surprised by how often a customer is drawn to an establishment because they saw an advertisement as they were driving by.Large-format printing can be a big boost for a small business
  2. Print large banners to post outside your store that advertise a special, sale, or event that is coming up. Just like the window clings, people will see your banner over and over again as they pass by and it will help to firmly place your sale in their mind.
  3. Large-format printing is great for getting more “bang for your buck” when it comes to advertising. It is much cheaper than TV, radio, billboards, or other marketing venues.
  4. Hang posters at community advertising boards. These can often be found at your local libraries, grocery stores, or even print shops! Community members flow in and out of these locations constantly and so your advertisement will be exposed to a good number of your customer base.
  5. Use large advertising signs or boards inside your store. You may be thinking, “Why? If the customer is already in my store, I don’t need to advertise to them.” But you can actually promote additional products and make a higher sale by using in-store advertising.