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When you are looking for ways to improve your business, you might think of hiring a new advertiser or getting a fresh commercial going. While these are both valid options that have their own merits, simple changes can work as well! At King Tutt Graphics, we enjoy helping out clients by creating purposeful decals & lettering that can be beneficial as well as informative. Here are a few examples of ways that we have seen decals & lettering used in businesses just like yours.

creating purposeful decals & lettering that can be beneficial

  1. Word Clouds- Word clouds or subway art are both easy to create on a computer, but they don’t help much if that is where the story ends. Turning your word clouds or subway art into decals & lettering make it possible to put these images on walls, ceilings, floors and anywhere else you hope your potential clients or customers might be paying attention.
  2. Vehicle & Business Property- Adding decals & lettering to your business vehicles or even to the business itself can go a long way in letting your customers or clients know where your business is located. When we add decals & lettering to your vehicles, we are able to help you advertise while simply running an errand by getting your brand seen.
  3. Swag- Decals & lettering don’t have to be huge to make an impact. Using smaller decals & lettering that can be shrunk down and passed out as promotional items can get your name and logo out there in much smaller, but still significant, ways.