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Paint protection films provide protection against the damage that comes with everyday driving.

Exterior damage on your vehicle is frustrating, especially when you have invested in a nice ride that you want to protect. At King Tutt Graphics, we can help you protect your investment through the installation of various paint protection films, which are designed to prevent rocks and other flying debris from damaging your paint job. When properly installed, paint protection films serve as a protective layer between the outside world and the paint on the exterior of your vehicle. Our technicians have undergone training and know how to properly install all the film products we use, ensuring a smooth and even finish.

Paint Protection Films in Cary, North Carolina

When a vehicle gets painted, the process includes the application of a glossy topcoat that helps the paint job to really shine. However, that topcoat will wear out over time because the vehicle is constantly exposed to the elements, including the harsh UV rays from the sun. The clear coating also doesn’t provide much protection against flying debris or careless drivers who allow their vehicle doors to bump into the side of your ride. Paint protection films provide more protection against the damage that comes with everyday driving.

We work with vehicle owners located throughout the Cary, North Carolina area to install high-quality paint protection films. Our company also takes pride in providing the best in customer service, so you can count on being treated with respect throughout the process. If you have questions about paint protection films or would like to schedule the installation of film on your vehicle, contact us today.

At King Tutt Graphics, we offer paint protection films for vehicles in the Triangle, Wake County, Johnston County, and the rest of North Carolina, including Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Burlington, Charlotte, Morrisville, Clayton and Smithfield, as well as South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland.


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